Financial Aid
The Living Breath Foundation is accepting applications for Financial Aid as well as Academic Scholarships for those living in California or Arizona. If you are a person (or the parent of a child) living with Cystic Fibrosis and you would like to submit an application, please read the information below carefully.

Information on Applying for Aid

Applications for financial aid and academic scholarships can be found using the link below.

General instructions for submitting an application to The Living Breath Foundation:

1. Please read every application carefully as requirements will vary with each application.
2. Depending on the type of aid you are applying for, save the proper PDF file linked below.
3. Fill out the application, either on your computer buy hand.
4. Print the application and mail it too:

The Living Breath Foundation
2031 Marsala Cir.
Monterey, Ca 93940

If you have any questions please call (831) 392-5283 or e-mail The Living Breath Foundation at:

Financial Aid

The Living Breath Financial Aid Application
(Click above to open PDF)

Academic Scholarships

The Living Breath Foundation Scholarship Application
(Click above to open PDF)